Podcasting – Tell me More

This is a new venture for me – from learning how to get to grips with new software to interview techniques to putting together an entire podcast. I have been very fortunate to have the support and backing of Made in Midlothian (big shout out to them) in taking this venture forward. Now, with their help I am mining gems of stories about Midlothian and trying to get a unique perspective on them with the help of Historians, Academics, Heritage specialists and Storytellers: For the series (of 6) I will be looking at: https://madeinmidlothian.com/about/mim-events/podcasts/

  1. Bloomers, scaling walls, Winston Churchill’s stalking bell ringer and what all that has to do with St Mary’s Church in Dalkeith – with guest speaker Nicola Wright.
  2. Celebrating Black History Month: This one is a corker. Here we are mining a wonderful story that inspires, uplifts and totally blows you away. Nominated to run for vice president of USA in 1860’s for The Republican party – with guest speaker Mary W Craig
  3. The Battle of Roslin – what was the real story about that? Learn how fact and myth are cleverly woven together to provide something that feeds our imagination and promotes an almost Robin Hood tale – with guest speaker Tim Porteus
  4. The Gorebridge Riot. What was the cause and why did that come about? This explores the dichotomy between different faiths at the time and also looks at the women’s role in this context: with guest speaker Emma Griffiths
  5. The last man hanged in Dalkeith – here we look at the back story and consider the implications of hanging with someone with a legal insight: with guest speaker Susan Cohen
  6. The witches of Midlothian. A jam packed juicy conversation giving a brief history and overview of this weird and interesting period in Scottish history. Mary W Craig, author of The Border Witches, is our specialist for this episode