Events from 2019 onwards

2019 Started off with a bang!  Whilst busy telling stories to schools in West Lothian I was also working with Scottish Women’s Aid using storytelling to help develop employment skills. From there it developed into a writing group. We produced a fantastic book of stories.

February I launched an exhibition on The Royal Mile called ‘A Child of The 60’s’  This used stories I had written and recorded. Seven artists joined me to produce work based on what my stories provoked in them.  The exhibition was so popular is was extended an extra month.

March – myself and colleague Nicola Wright headed out to Canada to tour  The Purple White and Green – Story of the Scottish Suffragettes. We wowed audiences everywhere we went.  Our proudest moment, to my mind was doing a pop-up performance in Seneca College to hundreds of surprised students.

Publicity shot – front page of The Herald

2019 finished with a number of book and storytelling events. From Duns Playfest to Peebles first Readalicious Book Festival.

2020 Has seen me slow down just a tad. Bookings have come in for the likes of Wigtown’s Big Dog Book Festival and Scottish International Storytelling Festival but unfortunately due to Covid 19 everything has come to a halt.

However, (*donning mask and cape) I have been working with Susan Cohen and Mary Turner Thomson to create The Book Whisperers – a free online writing project for those wanting to write but not sure where to start. Its fun and also a good resource – do join us. Further info:

2021 I launched my novel which is part of a trilogy: The House Beside the Cherry Tree – motherhood doesn’t come easy.  Currently available on Amazon.